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Tsarukyan accused Republican Party of using levers
05.07.2009, 11:23:49
Prosperous Armenia party leader Gagik Tsarukyan surprised journalists today by appearing at the National Assembly.

He said that his appearance in parliament did not have anything to do with the government's tax bill packet, which Prosperous Armenia has not talked about to date. Instead, Tsarukyan talked about the Yerevan mayor elections and did not hide the fact that he is not pleased with the results.

"We are not pleased with our votes. We must be held accountable to the people who did vote for us and everybody will see that," said Gagik Tsarukyan.

The Prosperous Armenia leader finds that the May 31 elections were fraudulent.

"Prosperous Armenia is content with the people's confidence because we were the only ones fighting against the state levers. The most important thing is that the people trust us and we must be able to justify that. The most precious thing is the people's confidence."

As for use of levers, he did not hide the fact that he meant the Republican Party.

Recapping the results of the Yerevan mayor elections, Gagik Tsarukyan said:

"The fact remains that they were not pleasing."

Tsarukyan also informed that Prosperous Armenia is not planning to form a coalition for Yerevan's municipal administration.

"We are not going to create a coalition. They won and must be held accountable for their promises and programs. We will simply follow-up for the people."

In the end, Mr. Tsarukyan also touched upon the reforms in the tax bill packet, which has been the topic of discussion at the National Assembly for the third four-day session.

"Since I have many shares, I am not interfering so as not to cause rumors. They always say that Gagik Tsarukyan is not paying his taxes, but I have told them that I make 35-40 million dollars a year. All big businessmen should present their expenses," said Tsarukyan.

Tsarukyan didn't know why the government was presenting such a packet.

"I am not responsible for that and I will not say anything because they will roll the ball in my court again."

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